From Vice Chairman Desk

The entire curriculum of the school has been planned to full fill the overall needs of the students. As per the C.B.S.E. Guidelines-each Subject is tested and marked to the thinking, understanding & logical skills.

Vice Chairman Message

Warm regards to one and all. It has always been our sincere efforts to make Delhi World Public School, a milestone in the life of the students so that they are successful, fond and cherish memories of their education. Stay with them throughout life. As the guiding torch of my institution my Mission has always been to provide my students wings of freedom, thoughts and independence so that the innovative teaching-learning process may provide them benefits to achieve success in life. Being in pace with the modern era has always been our motive. So, it is a matter of immense pleasure for me to announce our web address to our students and parents so that they might not be deprived of my information and happening regarding the progress of school and students. From grasping calculators to on-line lessons, to virtual trips and simulated dissections, educational technologies can help students to access the content in new and exciting ways. This would make the school more organized as it would help everybody to keep the track of all the happenings and visualized everyday errands. Your uninstinctive support will help us to further accomplish our goal. Hope you will co-operate.

  Er. Aditya Yadav  

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