Mentor's Desk

The entire curriculum of the school has been planned to full fill the overall needs of the students. As per the C.B.S.E. Guidelines-each Subject is tested and marked to the thinking, understanding & logical skills.

Mentor's Message

There is no substitute to hard work, you must have heard but hard work accompanied by smart work is the key to excellence in the present world of cut-throat competition. I would like to encourage each family to stay active in your child’s education, is a partnership between the school and the home.
At DPS the staff creates a safe environment where respect, integrity, and carrying are continually taught and modelled, focus on creating an atmosphere where everyone shows respect for differences in other people, custom, and cultures. here many educational programs are available that are infused into the daily curriculum that focused on achieving this goal.
Being a former Student of DPS i wish to see the school on sky heights, the announcement of new DPS world School always bring Special Joy. Delhi World Public School powayan shahjahanpur is yet to another page of that Storybook that we turn in great anticipation of challenges and accomplishments.

  Mr. Salman Khurshid  

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