Club and society

Art and Craft is both a form of communication and a means of expression of ideas and feelings. It is a language concerned with the development of complex mental processes involved in visual perception and aesthetic experience.

Club and society

Environment Club
The Club is being set up to train students how to safeguard the wild life and ecosystem in the face of climatic changes. This has become a priority for the sake of conservation and resource management communities.

Road and Safety club
The club will promote the culture of safety and preparedness’ tnfough fun activities. The basic principles of not only saving their own lives but also saving the country as future citizens will be thought to the students.

Art and Craft Club
This club proposes to discover and hone the latent talents of the students. The club will provide adequate opportunities to bring their talents to the fore and thereby gain confidence and recognition.

Math Club
It is an interesting club which will sharpen the analytical skills of the children. The club will teach children amazing ways of solving mathematical problems by using innovative ways.

Science Club
The aim of this club is to work as local activity centers and disseminate information on science and technology. The club activities are so designed that it will help in arousing curiosity, inquiry and creativity and foster a scientific temperament among students.

Computer Club (Tech Wiz club)
It is a wild and wonderful club to make students become technology leaders. The club activities are more focused towards creating web leaders who can complete in the future technology driven world.

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